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Goal of the workshop

The primary goal of the workshop is that participants leave with a concise, and step-by-step explanation or framework that describes how their business questions could be answered with an experiment.

Structure of the workshop

The workshop on Data, Experiments, and Decisions is

  • interactive,
  • discussion-heavy,
  • practical.

Lecturers will give brief and focused presentations. We will spend most of the time discussing how participants can solve their problems with experiments.

Sample program

Day 1: Field experiments (Friday)

  • Why experiment?
  • Practical examples: digital platforms, ad planning, marketing, targeting, ...
  • A/B tests, and other experimental designs
  • The experimental workflow

Day 2: What if experiments are not possible? (Saturday)

  • Finding experiments in Big Datasets
  • Quasi experimental designs

Participants will leave with concise, individual, and step-by-step plans for running an experiment that would solve their problem. Participants should be open to discuss policies and strategies that they can implement and test. 


Please email us if you

  • want to know more,
  • are uncertain whether the workshop is interesting for you, or
  • if you have suggestions for topics  that should be discussed!